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Warming food on Shabbos


Shalom. If I place a Stam Keli (e.g., a metal pan) (with no food in it) on top of a Blech or Hotplate on Erev Shabbos and on Shabbos Morning remove the Keli to a counter and then place a semi solid, semi liquid item on top of the hot Keli (while on the counter) to warm it up, is this permissible? Is this LeChatchila? Thank you.


In your theoretical case, it will depend if the food is considered a solid or liquid. If it is a liquid or if it contains liquid, then if the pan will be able to make the liquid reach yad soledes bo it s not permitted. If however the food is a solid then it would be permitted.

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  1. Thank you. And according to most Poskim, most notably Rav Moshe Feinstein, זצ״ל , the temperature of Yad Soledet Bo (in this scenario) would be 43-71°C?

    1. Correct. R’ Moshe held that it between these two temperatures it is a safek, therefore we may not allow something to heat up to 43c degrees. On the other hand we can’t say that an item that didn’t reach such a temperature was previously cooked if it didn’t reach 71c degrees. Therefore regarding our question, if a food that has liquid will reach 43 degrees we may not put it on the hot pan.

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