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When to say vsan-tal-umatar-this-year 2018-2019


when-do-we-start-saying-vsan-tal-umatar-this-year. 2018-2019


We already started saying it in the beginning of December. This essentially means that the shemona esrei’s that you said was not valid, and the next tefilla that you daven you should daven shemona esrei twice 9 called a tefils tashlumin). My assumption is that you will see this in the morning, so you will be making up the maariv shemona esrei at shacharis. You will say the second shemona esrei after saying ashrei of ashrei- uva ltzion. Then say shemona esrei again as the makeup one, and then continue with lamnatzeiach.and u’va l’tzion.

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  1. Does that mean that all the SEs one said before now were brachos l’vatala?
    What is the appropriate teshuva for the person who realized this that he did not pray correctly since the beginning of the month?

    1. This is a topic of debate if the SE is considered levatala or if it isn’t but the SE has to be repeated in order to say the part that was needed correctly.
      Regarding how to do teshuva, the person should have charata, say viduy, and as a kabala al ha’asid, he should make sure right now to make a note for himself on his phone or calendar for next year, so that he doesn’t repeat this mistake again.that

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