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Wife’s refusal to take a Get


I had מכון להוראה of Monsey send a הזמנה to my wife 3 years ago to give her גט. She ignored the summons. I took her to two reputable rabbanim whom we both knew from before to persuade her that one needs two willing partners for a marriage while she had none. She told them she would not accept the גט. We have been living separately at two different locations for the past 19 months. Solving this situation על פי הלכה became urgent as I plan to move to Eretz Yisroel to join two of my children. I again contacted her three weeks ago and offered the choice of three בתי דין in Monsey where I would give her the גט: Rabbi Kaufman’s בית דין, Rabbi Rabinowitz’s בית דין, and מכון להוראה. She ignored my request.

I would like to hear your view on the following idea someone suggested to me:

To sue for divorce in a civil court. Inform the court of her refusal to accept גט, document the claim, and have the court threaten her with jail for contempt of court unless she goes to בית דין and accepts the גט. Civil courts in New York State have the legal authority to do exactly that.

Does such a גט have standing in הלכה ?


I think you should go back to beis din because you will need their permission to do any of your plans -so ask them if they give permission.

Perhaps ask beis din also for a heter 100 Rabbonim I don’t know anything abt your case and maybe she has legitimate reasons so for sure I have no business getting involved.

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