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Chassidei Umos Haolam


Dear Rav,
When the Rambam says that a goy who keeps the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach because of logic and not because of the Torah that he’s not one of the chassidei umos haolam, does that mean that he has no cheilek in olam haba? Lots of the goyim who saved yidden in the holocaust didn’t do it because of the Torah!?


H-shem rewards everyone that does good deeds, no matter who he is. However there is a difference between the reward given to someone who does his good deeds because he personally feels that this is the correct thing to do, and someone that does it because H-shem has commanded it so. When it is doe for that reason then it is being done because of a connection to H-shem and it is reward more. Exactly how much reward is given to each person for each action, I don’t know… but it will definitely be worth their effort.

Best Wishes


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