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Obligation to help OFD friend


Shalom Rav

A friend from high school recently was in contact with me asking to meet up. He has strayed from the path in recent years and I’m not sure of his intention in contacting me

I was able to delay a bit because I’m out of the town we both live in for the next few weeks

Is there a halachic obligation to help him or is it my choice ?


If he asked you to meet up with him, you never know what he wants, but it might be because he now wants to get a little closer to his heritage. It would be a big mitzva to help him come back to his roots in any way that you can. Go meet him, and after you meet him, your will have a better picture of what he wants and then you can assess the situation better.

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  1. The question asked was, “Is there a halachic obligation to help him or is it my choice ?”

    The answer might be along the lines, that given the unique relationship that the OTD person has with this friend, then this would put it in the category of מצוה שאי אפשר להיעשות על ידי אחרים.

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