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Wedding after living together and sheba berachot


A man and a woman lived together without being married. The woman is pregnant.
Now they are planning chuppah vekiddushin.
How many days of sheva berachot do they get?
What is the formulation to use in the ketuba? (the woman also had relations with a non-jew before)

Bebirkat HaTorah vekol tuv.


Here are some of the halachos that you would need to know in this situation. Hopefully the boy is not a Kohen because a girl that had relations with a gentile she may not marry a Kohen. Regarding the sheva brachos, if the boy was once married, there is only one day sheva brachos, however if he was never married before, it is controversial how many days of sheva brachos there would be, but the pskm are maikel and permit them to have seven days of sheva brachos.

Regarding the kesubah, they should write, ittisa instead of besulta, (when reading the kesubah, the person reading it can use the word besulta instead). Regarding the amount of the kesubah, essentially she is a beula, and her kesubah would only be 100, but they can write 200 if he agrees that they write 200, and then he is accepting the extra expense upon himself.

Although she is pregnant, the girl will still have to count seven clean days, because of dam chimud, and then she goes to the mikvah.

The yichud has to be a proper yichud, the same way it is for a widow.


See Pischei Teshuva E:H 62-9 that the Noda B’yehudah, Shemesh Tzedakah and Dvar Shmuel says that she would only have one day of sheva brachos. The Chasam Sofer however says that if it is his first marriage then it is permitted to say sheva brachos, and this is the custom, R’ H. Saltz shlit”a.

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