I have been asked to perform a wedding in September before Shabbat is over.
1. Is it permissible to perform a wedding on Shabbat? This would assume that documents were signed prior to Shabbat. wedding or after Shabbat.
2. Is breaking a glass intentionally on Shabbat permitted?


Making a wedding on Shabbat is problematic in numerous ways. First of all, it is prohibited to marry on Shabbat, see Shulchan Aruch O:CH 339-4, the reason being that we may not acquire things on Shabbat, and this includes not marrying. Secondly the couple can not marry without a ketuba, which must be signed on the day of the wedding, which can not be done on the Shabbat day. Thirdly, by making the wedding on Shabbat it will be causing all the quest to desecrate the Shabbat by driving their cars to the wedding, (even if they are otherwise not religious,but now we are causing it). Breaking the glass should also not be done on the Shabbat

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  1. I would add, that the caterer will probably be cooking the food on Shabbos, and the photographer and band will also be desecrating the Shabbos.

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