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Pasta with chicken with grated cheese


I usually cook pasta, tomato sauce and some kind of fish cubes, as tuna or salmon.
Then I eat it with grated cheese, as it is usual here in São Paulo, Brazil.
Yesterday I put chicken breast cubes in the sauce instead of the fish and ate whithout cheese.
Today I ate the remaining pasta with chickeh cubes and put some grated cheese, thinking it was fish.
I ate some 2-3 full spoons of the pasta and they realized I ate meat and milk.
Imediately put away the whole thing, including the plate.
What should I do next in order to do teshuvah?
Thank you for your time.


There are three parts to teshuva, “charata” – remorse over what was done, “viduy”- confessing and telling H-ahem that you are sorry, and “kabala al ha’sid” – doing something to prevent this mistake from happening again.  You can do this by looking to see how this mistake happened and takes concrete steps to make sure that this mistake does not repeat itself. Maybe labeling things better, so that things will be clearer, or keeping meaty items, and fishy items in different parts of your freezer to insure that this mistake does not repeat itself.

In actuality, the first part, you already did… by asking this question. Obviously you feel bad about what happened. Then just talk directly to H-shem and say, “H-shem, I sinned by mistakenly eating milk together with meat, and I am going to take the following constructive steps to insure that it won’t happen again”.

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