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Avoda Zara in video game


I am playing a video game where you have to take down a cult. During one part of the game , you get drugged but them and hallucinate things. You have to show your faith to this cult leader by jumping off a cliff in the game. Is there any halachic issue with doing this?
I was thinking maybe avodah zarah
Thank you


Are you sure you want to play such games? Aren’t there any other games that are a little more civil, with a better theme than violence and drugs?

But getting down to your question, it is nice that you have the sensitivity to ask such a question, and perhaps in hashkafa it wouldn’t be correct, and maybe it is commendable to distance ourselves from even playing with such ideas. Halachically though it isn’t avoda zara, because you are not actually doing anything, and it is clear to all that it is merely fiction.

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