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Guf naki



How much does someone need to be particular about having a guf naki for shmone esrei? I make sure to have an empty bladder before starting to daven, but many times I find that I need to use ktanim even 10-15 minutes later. There are no medical issues involved. So, is this problematic for shachris?

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If you feel that you have to use the bathroom, you may not daven until you relieve yourself, even if you can wait more than 72 minutes. However on the other hand, you also have to be able to differentiate between what is nerves that you might have to use the bathroom, (when you essentially don’t), and when it is indeed real. Sometimes thinking that you may have to use the bathroom can cause such feelings. If you would be doing something else, and divert your attention to something else, would you still have this feeling? If you wouldn’t , then it most probably is just nerves.

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Shulchan Aruch 92-1, Eshel Avrohom ( Butchatch) 3-3, Krayono D’igriso 1- 375, Piskei Teshovus 92-1.

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