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Wearing shabbos clothes to shul dinner


It has been ruled that one may wear his Shabbos clothes to a simchah such as a wedding or bris. Would one also be allowed to wear his Shabbos clothes to a dinner benefiting a shul, kollel or yeshivah?


It is permitted because it is also considered a mitzva function.


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  1. What’s the problem of wearing Shabbos clothes during the week without a Mitzva?

    1. See Orach Chayim 262 and Magen Avraham 2, that we put on special clothes for Shabbos to show that Shabbos is special, and it is a correct thing not to wear one’s shabbos clothing during the week, so it will be the person’s special shabbos clothes. The poskim do say that when doing a mitzva, such as going to a wedding, see Toras Chayim 262, and likras Shabbos vol. 1 9-11.

      1. Thank you. I never heard this Halacha before.
        Just a small comment, the question is a drop misleading that it would be Assur to wear them, the Magen Avraham simply says that “Tov Shelo Yilbash…”, that it’s better not to…

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