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I know rabbi yeshuda hanasi was thought to be the moshiach by his students, also the Arizal and many more. My question is what does the halacha say about a great person who was worthy to be moshiach according to Rambam but the generation did not meit to be redeemed. Does the fact that that great Leader and Rabbi who was worthy of being moshiach can no longer be moshiach when the time is right even if they died. What happens to there status of being fit to be moshiach in that generation after they die. Is it stated explicitly that that person no longer can be moshiach when the time comes? do they forfit their chance. thank you.


It is written that even if a person is befitting to be moshiach, but if he already died he can no longer be the moshiach. (See Rambam Hilchos Melachim 11-3, that R’ Akiva thought that Ben Kuziba was the Moshiach, until he died and then it became clear that he obviously wasn’t). Even if the person was indeed worthy of it, and it isn’t the person’s fault, nevertheless if he generation is not worthy of it, the person loses the chance. They don’t forfeit it, but they unfortunately don’t get it.

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