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Whats the phrase to say when you’re not sure if you may say that bracha?


What’s the phrase to say ad-noi eloikainu melech haoilam in a bracha when you’re not sure if you are allowed to make that bracha?


The text is “…בריך רחמנא, מלכא דעלמא, מאריה דהאי”, when eating food add the word “מכליא” and for drinks add the word “משתיא” . It is noteworthy that this idea to say the bracha in Aramaic in order to avoid saying H-shem’s name in vain is controversial, and not universally accepted, and many people don’t do it. This is because there are numerous poskim who say that it is also forbidden to say H-shem’s name in vain in other languages. According to them, this idea will not work.


Kaf Hachayim O:CH 167-70, Siddur Horav- Birkas Nehenin 13-4, Igros Moshe O:CH 4-40(27), Piskei Teshuvos 209-7.

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