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Melachim 2 3:13


  1. How did Yehoram know that G-d had commanded him to fight and lose to Moav?
  2. If Yehoram did know this why didn’t Elisha know it?
  3. The Gemoro Menachos 98a and Zevochim 102a notes that Eliyahu respected royalty. Why didn’t Elisha show respect for Yehoram?


1&2. See Rashi and Metzudos, that Yehorom did not tell Elisha that he was commanded to fight and lose, but he was telling Elisha that he shouldn’t make mention of his sins so that he should be able to find favor in H-shem’s eye’s and not lose the war.

3. The fact that Eliyahu respected royalty, and he ran in front of the carriage of Achav to accompany him, because a king should not travel by himself, does not contradict the fact that when he was acting as the Prophet, and the messenger of H-shem that he did what H-shem wanted and he was critical of him. Eliyahu told King Achav off in the name of H-shem many times, he made a famine, he told him he was destroying the Jews. He told it to him straight to his face, without fear. Elisha his disciple was no different. Nevertheless, at a time when it was not his job to rebuke him, he still acted with the proper respect due to a king.

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