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False pledge to tzedakah


I saw a sign advertising for our community’s melava malka for women. It stated the price, but underneath, it read ‘we would rather you come so pay any amount if the price is to much’. money is tight so I understood that the statement would apply to me. there was a table of women collecting the money with a long line behind me. I was embarrassed to present just the 35% of the price, but that was all I planned on paying. So I said to the collector, “This is what I have with me now, can I pay you the rest later?” (She said yes). Am I now obligated to pay the remainder?


If you didn’t mean to give the left over money when you said, “Can I pay you later” then you are not obligated to give it. The reason is because you never meant to give them more, and it was only said in order to avoid being embarrassed.

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