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Nursing Home shinui makom


I work at a nursing home and wash resident certainly pays to stay there similar to an apartment building. However the management is free to change their rooms as they please and the payment that is made by the residents is often made through insurance. All the rooms are in one building. When drinking tea in this building and visiting different residents would this be considered a mbayis lbayis or mcheder lcheder? Thanks!


If you planned on drinking it in various rooms, then he does not have to make another bracha in the second room, because he planned on doing this from the beginning. Even if he didn‘t plan on drinking in different rooms, he would still not have to make another bracha in the other room. The reason is because a worker in such a situation, is not meant to stay in any specific place. Therefore it is considered the norm for him to go from room to room, therefore it isn’t considered shinui makom for him.


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 278-1 , M:B 12, Sharei Habracha 9- 16 and ftnt 29, conversation with R’ Stitzberg, author of Sharei Habracha. It is interesting to note that R’ Stitzberg holds that going from one room to another in a hotel, that it is considered like changing houses, that is all for the guest in he hotel, since each guest has his place and another person’s room is like another domain for him. However the workers, or even guest, who are not specifically part of a particular room, for them the various guest rooms in the hotel would be considered from room to room and not from building to building.

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