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Seuda Shelishit on Erev Yom Tov


When Erev Yom Tov falls on a Shabbat, what should one eat for Seudah Shelishit so as not to spoil his appetite for Yom Tov?


There are a number of options (from best to worst).

  1. The best is if the person davened early on Yom Tov, and finished eating the day meal early. Then, he can daven mincha early at mincha gedolah (the earliest mincha, if there is a minyan in your area for it on yom tov) and then eat the seuda shelishit, before the 10th This way he may wash and eat seuda shelishit properly.
  2. If one didn’t finish the first meal that early, and he will still be full when the 10th hour comes, he may still eat seuda shelishit by eating only a k’beitza (an eggs worth of bread), and a little something else with it, if he is confident that it will not affect his appetite.
  3. If he feels that doing this will affect his appetite for the night meal, or if he finished davening late, then he should split the morning meal into two. Wash, eat part of the meal, then bentch, go for a walk for a few minutes. Then wash again and finish the meal, which now essentially is the seudah shlishit.
  4. Alternatively, these option don’t work, b’dieved one can eat fruits etc. even later in the day, and that will be his seuda shlishit.
  5. The final option, if he can’t eat seuda shelishit after chatzos, he may split the meal even in the morning, (and he should try to eat something in the afternoon.)


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