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taking transactions off of Airbnb


Hi Rabbis,

Airbnb is a platform for booking rooms from other individuals. Their online platform has a terms of use that people agree to when using the account, to not take the transaction offline (Airbnb makes a fee from the transaction).

Airbnb recently removed Judea/Samaria listings form their site, which I find to be problematic. I want to avoid giving them my business.

Can this contract term be considered an asmachta?



I was told that they now list them again so perhaps your question is moot

In any case it isn’t asmachta because this is the payment for the service they provide. If an agent tells you abt an apartment available for rent you have to pay his fee even if you circumvent him since he provides you with a service for which he charges. It s like any service which costs money.

All the best

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