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Shabbos Morning Kiddush


  1. Is one obligated to make kiddusha rabba during Shabbos morning?
  2. Are there any opinions that provide heteirim for making kiddush after Chatzos Yom? Thanks in advance.


  1. We re not allowed to fast on Shabbos, and the Shulchan Aruch (O:CH 288-1) says that this applies even to fasting half a day. Therefore the Shabbos day meal should be started before chatzos. If someone knows that the davening etc. will go late, and he will not start the meal until after chaztos, he should drink something before starting to daven, and this way he didn’t  fast even for half a day.
  2. The opinion of the Eliyahu Rabba, brought in the Mishna Berura 288-2 says that one may be lenient if the was busy davening and learning until chatzos. This can be a heter for those who were busy davening until chatzos to start eating the meal afterwards.

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