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Tefilin Chatzitzah


I recently got stitches on my head which is covered with a band aid. Thus, the Band aid is slightly Chotzetz between the Retzuah and the skin. 1#. Do I need to do anything different because of the Chatzitzah? (As in not saying a bracha on shel Rosh etc.?) #2 I can try to avoid the Chatzitzah If I don’t tighten the Tefilin’s Retzuahs all the way(by not pulling them down on my scalp all the way). # 3 Another way to avoid the band-aid – Chatitzah, is; by lowering the kesher in the back, slightly under the bottom of the skull. (which I guess renders it out of place.) What is the advisable approach. Thanks!


  1. If the teffilin’s retzuos go over the stitches then you should not say the bracha on the shel rosh. The reason why we don’t say a bracha is because it is controversial if you can be yotza when there is a chatzitza or not.
  2. This part of your question in’t clear to me. I am assuming that you mean to ask, that if the retzuos are loose and placed higher than the Band aid then it will cause the tefillin to be only loose on your head. this is also a problem.
  3.  You can lower the kesher, but make sure that it is still sitting on your hair, (which is opposite you face) and not on you neck. You do have to be careful though that it doesn’t cause the bayis to  drop down in the front and sit lower then the hairline in the front of your head.

Best Wishes and a Refuah Shleima


Shulchan Aruch 27-5, M:B ibid 17, 35.

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