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Friday night Mikva


I’ve heard conflicting psakim regarding If a woman doesn’t want to go to Mikva Friday night (for example she’s embarrassed) if she must go or not.

What are the reasons that she has to go?
I’d like some sources if possible.

Thank you!


Here are some of the reasons, why a woman should not push off going to the mikva on Friday night, and some sources.

  1. There are opinions (Gemora Nidda 30a, Yuma 8a, Yerushalmi) (although there are many who disagree with this view) that there is a mitzva for a woman to go to the mikva at the correct time.
  2.  To perform the mitzva of Pru Urvu, (which is a mitzva d’oraysa). See Shulchan Aruch Y:D 197-2.
  3. By not going the mitzva of onah ( which is also a mitzva d’oraysa) will not be performed, see Terumas Hadeshen 255, Darcei Moshe Y:D 197-2, Taz ibid-4, Shachibid 3, machtzis Hashekel O:CH 240 D:H Kmoy, Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 197-5, Shiurei Shevet Halevi 197-2(3).
  4. To prevent her husband from immoral thoughts- Chasam Sofer 60.
  5. She is obligated to her husband- See Igros Moshe Y:D 3- 60.

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