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Obeying father after wedding


I have a very close friend. Their family fostered me for the last almost 2 years. I come from a religious background but am currently not practicing. This family is very religious. There were many obstacles with our friendship but we were able to hold on to it until now. I’ll be leaving their home shortly and with that her father will no longer allow us to talk. Though we had an agreement that allowed me to have a relationship without affecting her lifestyle in any way religiously, my leaving means he can no longer be in supervision or complete awareness of my state. This compelled him to forbid further contact. We are both wondering if after she gets married and if her husband is ok with our friendship will she still be bound to this order. Her father intends it to be binding all her life.


It is hard to answer definitively, but the general rule is that a married woman has an obligation to honor her parents the same way she obligated to honor them when she is single. However if her honoring her parents will interfere with her marriage, or being a mother etc., and her husband objects to her honoring her parents, (i.e. she is spending too much time with her honoring her parents and it is negatively effecting her home etc.) then she obligated to listen to her husband. Hopefully circumstances will change and then her father will not have any objection.

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