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Prayer in multi-faith room


I am traveling to USA and will be landing in Newark early morning and waiting for connecting flight a few hours later. It has always been difficult to find a quiet place without inappropriate ads/tv/people to daven shacharis. I have been told there is “multi-faith” room in Newark. Is there a problem to daven there? Leaving the airport to travel to a Jewish town is not an option. Thanks Yirmi


Please see the following post, where your question is discussed.

For your information there is a shul a mere 10 minutes away from Newark airport in Elizabeth.  It is the closest shul to the airport. Just in case it might be applicable for you to go there, here is some information on it.  Adath Israel 1391 North Ave Elizabeth,they have a minyan for shacharis at 6:20, 7:15, and abuot 8:00 AM.

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