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Changing Mezuzos before moving out of an apartment



  1. If the person is moving and they have expensive mezuzos, can they replace them with less expensive mezuzos?
  2. In addition if the apartment is being renovated must they install any mezuzos or can they leave that for the new tenant to install when the new tenant moves in.



  1. There are different opinions about this, therefore preferably you should not remove them, but ask the person that moves in after you to pay you for the mezuzos, or he can switch them for the ones that he wants to put up. If this will not work, then you can take the mezuzos off to check them, and then affix the other mezuzos in their place.
  2. If the apartment is being renovated or painted, and the mezuzah will have to be removed, it is permitted to remove it when you leave.



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