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Kaddish during avalus


I am in Avelus for my mother, if I have davened Mincha already and go to a different shul to daven maariv, if there is a mynion still davening Mincha there do I say Kaddish after Alenu or is that what is ment not to be marba bekadashum and I shouldn’t say Kaddish


This that we are not marba b’kadeishim is only when the kaddish is not needed. However after Aleinu, the kaddish is needed, and if there isn’t anyone from the minyan to say it, then you should, and it isn’t considered extra.

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  1. Thank you Rov for your answer. Does that mean that if there are people saying Kaddish after Aleinu it is better for me not to say Kaddish, also after my Shachris mynion I remain in shul for a while, when the second mynion starts should I say Kaddish De’Rabinim after karbonos if no one else says or it’s different from the Kaddish after Aleinu

    1. If there is no one else you should say it.

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