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Writing Kvitels


There is a custom of people davening at kivrei tzadikim. There are some that write letters or kvitelach and kivrei tzadikim (for ex. at the kever of various rebbes z”l and at the kever of the baal shem and others etc.), is this acceptable from a halachic perspective? Please answer leaving political positions aside. Thank you.


It is a widely accepted practice to write letters with requests and give them to tzaddikim or with tefilos and to leave them at kivrei tzaddikim. If you come to Eretz Yisroel you will find such “kevitlach” at the kosel Hama’aravi, Kevar Rochel, Yonasan ben Uziel, and at many graves of tzadikim. This has nothing to do with politics and it is done by all different types of Jews from all walks of life.

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