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Which Parsha to lein?


IY”H we are going to be making our son’s Bar Mitzvah in EY next year 2020. His birthday is Yud Tammuz. So in 2020 in America his parsha would be Chukas – Balak, but in EY, that Shabbos they are only leining Balak. His Bo Ba’Yom is on Thursday July 2 where we want him to lein at the Kotel and then be able to lein the whole parsha on Shabbos, but what Parsha does he lein? Does he lein Chukas and Balak because that is what we are up to here in America, or do we go according to the locals and only lein Balak? So what would he lein on Thursday and what would he lein on Shabbos?


If the minyan is going to be of chuta laaretz people, he can lein both parshios, however it would make things a lot easier for him if he would only lein one of the parshiois.

You might want to check if Shomer Shabbos minyan has a reading which will include Parshas Chukas. This way you will be up to date when you get to E. Yisroel, and you won’t have the issue at all.


Horav Y. Cahen shlita

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