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Microwave for meat and dairy


Is there a way I can use the same microwave for meat and dairy ?


It is not recommended at all to use a microwave for both meat and dairy, and in fact there are poskim that say that it may not be used for both. The reason is because things will get mixed up, or the cover may come off in middle of heating up and steam of the dairy dish, which is on the walls of the microwave, will mix with the steam of the meat dish. Additionally, the food in the microwave may spill and make the glass dish milky or meaty. It is however technically possible to use it for both meat and milk, by making sure that they are covered, preferable with a double cover, and that the milky (or meaty) utensil should not touch the place that the meaty (or milky) one was. This should not be done on a regular basis, but only when needed as a one-time thing.


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