Recently we’ve been discussing the term “tinok shenishba” and are looking for a clear definition of it and how it applies today halachically.

Furthermore, at one point does one loses the status of tinok shenishba.

I appreciate all marei mekomot on the inyan.

This is very much appreciated.


A tinok shnishba is a child that was raised among the gentile and he is ignorant of the mitzvos. Exactly at what point, do we say that someone nowadays had enough exposure to mitzvos and that now we isn’t a tinok shenisba is hard to say, as each instance has to be assessed on its own (see Chazon ISh Y:D 1-6). Here are some mareh mikomos. Binas V’daas (Adler), Mishnas Yisroel (Wainman) siman 1, Rayacha Kamocha (Wasserman), Erech Chaim Bhalacha 10 (Halbertal) Chap. 6, Aliba Dhilchiso 67 pg. 23-24.

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