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Waiting 6 hours for shalom bayis


A kollel yungerman’s wife does not usually prepare supper for her husband. Therefore, he takes care of his own supper by eating in yeshiva or elsewhere. One day, he comes home and his wife has prepared a beautiful milchige supper for him. However, due to not expecting this, he ate a piece of chicken prior to coming home. He still has to wait almost six hours before it will be permitted to eat milchigs. May he eat the supper now? Or should he offend and cause tzaar to his wife by not eating what she worked hard to prepare?


He should not eat what he is not allowed to eat now. As far as the shalom bayis is concerned, it is the husband’s job right now to show his wife a lot of care and concern and he should do what he need to do to make his wife feel better.


R’ Dovid Feinstein shlit”a in Yad Dodi (new edition) pg. 187- 33.

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