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Proper set up of synagogue


Dear Rabbi,

I have been noting some synagogues appeal to try to open their doors to a gay manner and gay humor in the clientele to enjoy services. Stained glass windows are put up for the humor of a colorful day.

Is this really a good idea and does one if wise avoid this synagogue no matter the humor of the clientele? It seems to me that it might make me tend to at any length think of a church and any holocaust of the worry that it exist to know my own feelings as a jew.

Overall, I am pleased my 2 congregations do not have such to the readily apparent but sadly I see today we have trends for rebuilding synagogues and adding the very happy colorful walls and ever windows.

I dare think it is not halachaic and I have heard some rabbis might like it as the congregants might think it is pleasing to the lazy sacred moment of prayer.

Can you offer me some insight into better synagogue design and some hope for finding the best synagogues when I may go out of town to daven?



The design of a synagogue is important, and you should look for one that has a proper mecheitza (separation between men and women), and that the prayers are said with sincerity. Look for a place where people are coming to pray, and will treat the prayers and the synagogue as a house of worship and not merely for a place for socializing and talking during the services.

Best Wishes

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