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Shmarya or Shmaryahu?


  1. What is the correct name – Shmarya or Shmaryahu (also Yeshaya or Yeshayahu)?
  2. Also, what is the source and meaning of the name?
  3. (On the Chazon Ish’s matzeiva it says “R’ Avraham Yeshayahu Ben R’ Yosef Shmary’ (with an apostrophe) and on his brother R’ Meir it says Ben R’ Yosef Shmaryahu….)


  1. It depends on how the person was named and how he is called. See Bais Shmuel “Shin” 24.
  2. There was a Shmarya mentioned in Ezra 10-4, and in Divrei Hayomim 2-12(19) one of the sons of Rechavom had the name Shmarya.I haven’t seen what the meaning of it is.
  3. The name of the Chazon Ish’s father’s name was Shmaryahu Yosef. According to a member of his family, the reason why it doesn’t end with a “vav” is only because they wrote the name with an abbreviation.

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  1. little mess up where answer has the question and sources has the answer

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