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Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Church


Hi, my question revolves around attending AA meetings in the basement of a church. I am a modern orthodox man father of 2 who has been attending meetings when able. I have struggled and I believe turned a blind eye to going to the meetings in the basement of the churches due to my desperation for getting help. I actually avoided going to meetings at all initially or only attended meetings that were in club houses or other locations were they are held but primarily they are situated in a church basement. I know that jews are not permitted to go into churches and I tried to do some research on my own however I was getting conflicting feedback and figured to post it on here, being that with most questions asked here a source is provided were the information is coming from HALACHA wise.


We are not allowed to enter a church because it is a building of avoda zara. This prohibition applies for basically any reason. R’ Moshe Feinstein was asked about going to a gym in the basement of a church, if it permitted to for a High school to rent place in the basement of a church, and he replied to both questions that it is forbidden.  There are many  branches that you can go to, and with H-shem’s help you should able to achieve a total withdrawal over there.

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Rambam Mishnayos Avoda Zara 1-4, Shach Y:D 149-1, Chochmas Adom 84-16, Igros Moshe Y:D 3- 77(1), 3-129 (6), O:CH 4-40(26).

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