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Kel maleh rachamim for parent’s yahrtziet in Nissan


Dea Rabbi,
I have yahrtzeit for a parent on the 5th of Nissan.
I am aware during Nissan we do not say the kel maleh rachamim prayer for the departed.
Therefore when is the appropriate time for me to ask the Rabbi to say the prayer?
Should it be on shabbos mevorchim Nissan?


We don’t say keil maleh rachamim on the shabbos before Rosh Chodesh Nissan because it is shabbos mevorchim, and because it is Parshas Hachodesh. However it is written that you can say it by mincha, since we say tzidksecha tzedek then, we can also say keil maleh rachamim. On second thought this year Rosh Chodesh is on shabbos so the kel maleh rachamim should be said on the Thursday before Rosh Chodesh


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