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Kaddish with 6 after amidah


On Mariv on motzi Shabbos we had 6 who needed to daven and 4 who had already davened but they helped us to make a minyan so we could say Kaddish etc. After the amidah the Chazan said chezti kaddish then the 4 left as we said vhei noam etc. Should the Chazan continue and say the Kaddish shalam following or not with the 6 people who are left or is it enough that he said the chetzi one after the amidah?



He is allowed to and should say the full kaddish after v’ata kadosh. the reason is because the “kaddish shalem” is considered a continuation of the shmona esrei, which they started with a minyan. As a side point, the other 4 people were not allowed to leave the other 6, and they should have stayed until after the kaddish shalem after v’ata kadosh.

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Shulchan Aruch O:CH 55-2, M:B ibid 10.

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