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Shaving on Purim


Is there any issue with shaving on purim for a man


According to a number of poskim it is preferred not to shave on Purim, others tough say that it is permitted. If one is shaving for a mitzva then it is permitted according to everyone.


Ben Ish Chai Ttzaveh 21, Divrei Malkiel 5-235, Rivivos Efrayim 6- 397 Sherarim Metziyanim B’halahcha 142-13, NItei Gavriel ( Purim) 76-7, Yismach Yisroel 32-7. On the other hand see Kaf Hachayim 696- 11, Erech Hashulchan 696-1, Kovetz Halachos (Purim) 5-3.

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