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Eating kosher food when poor



If the person is in a state of poverty and situation that it has to receive donations of food to survive, and some of that food is non-kosher… what to do then (here, the question is the choice either hunger or eating non-kosher food)?


My assumption is that your question is a sequel to the previous one that you wrote regarding the kosher status of camel meat, oysters and snails.

Eating non kosher food such as camel meat, oysters, and snails are biblically forbidden and can only be eaten in extreme life threatening situations, under the specific halachic guidance of a rov. It is hard to imagine that nowadays, especially in modern developed countries, that there aren’t any fruits, vegetables, wheat products, or legumes that can obtained, but the only thing obtainable to help the person from starving is camel meat or oysters. If this is indeed the real situation, please let us know where you live, because there are charity organizations that might be able to help you out with financial aid or help with food etc.

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