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If one misses Baruch Hashem liolam, does he repeat after shmonah esrei?


If one skips Baruch HaShem liolam (3rd brachah by Maariv) because the minyan is faster and he wants to daven with the tzibur shemonah esrei, should he repeat it afterwards and is this situation proper or should one not purposely skip it.


If one is late for maariv and he see that he will not have enough time to say boruch H-shem l’olam with the minyan, he should skp it in order to daven shmona esrei together with everyone. Regarding saying after maariv, it is controversial, some poskim say to say it and others say not to because it is meant as a substitute for shmona esrei, and here he already said it. The Mishna Berura therefore rules that he should say it but without the bracha at the end, and he should say until ki ay nl’anu melech ela oto.

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Mishna Berura 236-11.

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