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What do I do if I was not able to remove the hair on my legs in time for the mikvah (which I usually do before the mikvah)? Is it considered a chatziza? If yes, then an I allowed to go to the mikvah, or do I need to postpone it for the following night?


If you usually remove the hair on your legs before going to the mikva, it should be removed, prefferably a few days before the mikva day. If you didn’t do it on the days prior to the day going to the mikva it should be done on the day of the mikva, however be careful to wash away any loose hairs. If you are not able to shave you may still tovel without shaving.

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Darcei Teshuva 199-10, Levushei Mordechai 2-204, Badei Hashulchan 198-148 and biurim D:H D’kvar.

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