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Children Toys


  1. My daughter received a stuffed elephant from her aunt that just came back from Thailand. Should I get rid of it? It’s decorated in vibrant colors and Pom pom. Looks like it kneeling down. I have a bad feeling about it.
  2. She also received barbies as gift and dresses them up so they can be tznius she loves them and my baby is terrified to even look at them, is this a form of Avodah Zara?
  3. Last question my baby mobile lights up the moon and stars on the wall at night. Should I not bother using the lighting setting. Both my kids are terrified from it but other kids that come over love it.
    I am a believer that children neshamas are so pure that I rather get rid of what can affect them negatively. Thank you all the best


  1. There isn’t anything wrong with having a animal doll, even though it has vibrant colors etc. Although I am not familiar with avoda zara’s in Thailand, but it doesn’t seem that this was made for using as an object of worship, therefore it is fine to keep it.
  2. Regarding the Barbie dolls, It is definitely a good thing that your children keep it dressed. There is a mitzva not to make the form, or keep the form of a human in one’s home.  According to some poskim this only applies if the form is 3D which would include dolls. It is for this reason that say that the form of the dolls there are poskim who say that the face of the dolls should be defaced, (take out an eye or ear). Many people however rely on the poskim that say that since nowadays no one is worshiping a human form, that it is permitted.
  3. It isn’t a problem, although it is forming a “picture” of the moon etc. with the light, it is only for a fleeting moment that the light is shining through the hole, which is very temporary and not considered drawing a picture.


May H-shem help that you should be successful at keeping your children’s neshamos pure.



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