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Mug used by a person that doesn’t keep a kosher home


My mom has been staying with us and she brought a coffee mug from her house. She does not keep a Kosher home. She has only used the mug for coffee and tea at her home. When I asked her why she brought her own mug and wouldn’t just use ours, she said she needed to have something of her own. How should we handle this situation? Would it be best to request that she only use our mugs?


You should allow her to use her own mug, and not cause any ill feelings to her . First of all, you are not drinking from it, she is, and this is what she wants to do. Secondly, the mug may not even be trief, because the coffee that was used might have been kosher. I wouldn’t wash it together with the rest of the mugs, but you don’t have to stop hr from using it.

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