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Bracha on kilayim


Does one make a birkas sheheyanu on a new fruit which is kilayim? for example a hybrid of an apple & pear tree


It is controversial if one can make a bracha on a fruit that is the product of an aveiro. Therefore if a person grafted an apple and an orange tree,we will not make a shehechiyanu on the fruit that comes out of it. The poskim however say that this is only regarding the first fruits that came out of the kilayim, but the fruits that came from a grafted tree were replanted, do not have this issue and therefore we will make a bracha on fruits that we buy in a fruit store, because they are not the actual fruits of kilayim.

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Biur Halacha O:CH 225 D:H Pri, Halichos Shlomo 23-18, Piskei Teshuvos 225-14.

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