if adult children live together with their parents. and children buy food or contribute to food purchases. is it sufficient for a parent to sell chometz. or does each child have to sell chometz also?


When the adult children chip in they are essentially giving it to the “house” which is owned by the father. Therefore, he is the only one who has to sell the chometz, and his selling of the chometz is sufficient for all the food in the house.

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Horav Y. Cahen shlit”a

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2 Responses to “mechiras chometz when adult children contribute to household expenses”

  1. and let’s say adult children own chometz of their own but live together with parents. would they need to sell or would a fathers sell be sufficient.

    • If they own it independently from their parents, then it is a separate ownership and they would have to sell it separately, or give it to their father and he will then sell all of the chometz that he now owns.

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