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Yoga lessons of irreligious people


Dear Rabbi,

My brother and sister are both intermarried and practice yoga. Neither is kosher or a practicing jew. Does this help perpetuate harm feelings in Jacob and his family as it is a foreign practice? I understand sometimes he stands upon his head for prolonged times and does odd breathing exercises. The both tell me it is about clearing their brain of the “world”. Somehow I think that davening fills mine with healthy dreams.

What can I candidly tell them as lately my brother has even asked to drain the energy of phone relationships due to an inability to ever mention or discuss the feeling of kosher candid rest and health. I am having a very hard time.


Very often irreligious people are not willing to listen, when they are told off that they are doing something incorrect. If you notice that people are not listening to when you tell them something, then it is better for you not to say anything to them at all. The way to be mekarev them if by being positive to them, and showing them positiveness, and happiness, then when they look at you and your words positively, you can then suggest things to them. Otherwise you are not obligated to tell them anything, because you see that it isn’t helping.

Best Wishes

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