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Postponed bris


After two weeks the baby is ready for the bris (postponed by medical advice)

Must we perform the bris immediately or can we wait for friday when many more can attend

The wife is very insistent and shalom bayis is an issue…

I know the Noda biyehudah says bris immediately, as well as rav ovadia, but is there an actual issur here, thank you


The bris should be performed immediately, as we do not want to push off the babies getting a Jewish neshoma. Aside from that we have a commandment to perform the bris and that should not be pushed off. However if the baby was indeed sick, you may have to wait 7 days from when the baby is already well. This is something that should be discussed with your mohel.  You should call your mohel right away and discuss this with him. If you need the name of a certified mohel, let me know.

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