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Hashavas aveida


The mehadrin bus company advertised that they were bringing all the lost and found stuff to a place where everyone could pick it up. After a certain time everything left over would be hefker. My son was there and when everything was made hefker he came home with an umbrella that had a name and phone number on it. Can he keep it as hefker or is he obligated to call the person?


He should call the person up and return it to him. The reason is since it was lost on a bus that has mostly frum Jews, and  it has a siman we assume that the owner was not miyayiush from it. However he can call them up and ask them if they were miyayish or not, and if they say they were miyayish he can keep it.

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CH:M 259-2,3, R’ Y,. Cahen shlit”a.

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