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nusach for an employment contract for disputes



I live in EY in Sanhedria Murchevet and daven by Rav Yitzchok Berkovits and am his talmid. We are hiring someone for our company and he told me to put Nesivos Chaim as the place of resolution of any disputes and a place for kinyan of the contract with our future employee(s). Could you please send me the nusach of what I should include in the Israeli contract (in English) that all disputes should go to Rabbi Feischman’s Beis Din (rather than secular court) and nusach regarding making the kinyan that should be in the contract. Secondly, could you please email me the details about how I could arrange the kinyan to be done once the employee accepts the contract. Does the signing also happen by you? What is the general protocol in such cases? Anything else we should be aware of in terms of such contracts?

Thank you so much,
Yakov Pesah


Add this clause to your employee contract and then all disputes have to go to our beis din-you don’t have to go anyplace to sign just when you sign the contract this will be part. Of course you can translate to English


להלן הנוסח המבוקש:

בכל דו”ד בכל הנוגע להסכם זה ו/או בכל הקשור ליחסי עובד ומעביד שבין הצדדים, יפנו הצדדים לבית הדין “נתיבות חיים” ירושלים (להלן: ביה”ד) בכדי שיכריע בעניינם, וחתימה על הסכם זה הרי היא כחתימה על שטר

בוררין של ביה”ד לקבלת סמכות ביה”ד על פי כל דין זה בכל הנושאים דלעיל .

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