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Kiddush Sponsorship Payment


Someone gave money to sponsor kiddush in honor of a family member’s political accomplishment.

The shul did not include this in the weekly announcements that acknowledge those who sponsor kiddush.

If the shul decided not to include the name and recognize the sponsor are they obligated to return the money?


It really depends and it probably is much better to hear both sides. In general, if they made a commitment to do so and failed to live up to their commitment or everyone knows that that is done probably they do. However, if not then they probably don’t, but I wouldn’t give an unequivocal ruling w/o hearing both sides.

I would also say that probably this expense is included in Shabbos expenses and therefore the sponsor won’t lose anything from having paid for the Kiddush-esp if there divrei Torah.

Yosef Fleishman

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