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Is it allowed to play music (for dancing) during the Sefirat Ha Omer?


By dancing, I don’t mean at a party, I mean if you’re a dancer.
I’m not a professional dancer, but I dance almost every day, it’s my hobby and it’s already very difficult for me not to dance during yom tov or shabbat.
Not listening to music and dancing for 33 days would be extremely difficult for me.
I wouldn’t be dancing at a party or a club, just at home as a hobby.


The poskim write that essentially both dancing and listenng to music are included in the minhagim of aveilus that we do during sefira, therefore turnng on music in order to dance would not be permitted. You are already almost a third of the way there, and it is only about three weeks, hopefully you will be able to manage. If however you need the music and dancing because of depression etc. then the halacha would be differant.

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Magen Avrahav O:CH 493-1, M:B 493-3, Aruch Hashulchan 493-2,

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