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Bris after a C-section on Yom Tov


If a woman has a C-section brith 7 days before a Yom Tov. Is there any problem with making the bris on Yom Tov due to the brith not being natural. Or one must wait until after Yom Tov to preform the bris?


A child that is born from a C-section does not get a bris on Yom Tov even if it is the 8th day. The poskim discusss however if it possible to do a bris on such a child if the 8th day is on Yom Tov Sheini, and the concensus is not to do it even then.


Rambam Hilchos MIlah 1-15, Shuchan Aruch Y:D 266-10, Shach Y:D 266-8, Piskei Teshuvos 331-6.

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